Carefully Cultivated Growth

We've been very selective in assembling our team, but in the last 4 years we've expanded from 3 founders to a shop of 14 ... plus or minus an intern or two.


Who We Are


Matt Wilson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer



With over 15 years in the game business, Matt has been part of many aspects of gaming. He worked for 10 years at Microsoft and shipped multiple MMOs, PC, and Console games. His last startup, FireAnt Games, was acquired to start the Sony Online Entertainment Seattle Studio. He brings a great deal of creativity, business knowledge, and a pyrotechnic attitude to the studio.



Corey Dangel

Founder and Chief Creative Officer



Corey brings a distinct style and attitude to everything he touches. With nearly 20 years of experience, including Microsoft (Internet Gaming Zone, MGS, & Kids Games groups), CaveDog Games, and Sony Online Entertainment, he has directed creative teams of artists and designers on dozens of projects.



John Smith

Founder and Chief Technology Officer



John has directed cutting-edge technology for over 15 years. His experience flows from architecting both client and server frameworks for Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone and large scale server infrastructure for Microsoft's and Sony's MMOs. He was also a co-founder of FireAnt Games, and Senior Producer and Technical Director for Sony Online Entertainment.



Jordan Weisman

Director of Intellectual Property



Jordan has been the creative and motivating force behind the founding and success of a number of entertainment companies, including: FASA Corporation, Virtual World Entertainment, FASA Interactive, WizKids, 42 Entertainment, and (most-recently) Hairbrained Schemes.



John Hawkins

Technical Director / Architect



John brings over 20 years experience developing software applications and platforms to Detonator Games. With over a decade of engineering leadership at Microsoft, John was a key member of Microsoft's Web TV for Windows and Silverlight platforms, specializing in network and client-side technologies.


Matt Metke

Senior Programmer


Continuing the tradition of hiring only Matts and Johns, "Metke" comes to us with nearly a decade of experience programming MMOS for Warner Brothers & Sony Online Entertainment. Matt has become an expert in scalable game systems, "live" deployments, and online tool development.


Alan Diekfuss

Senior Artist


Alan recently joined Detonator Games after 2 years as Art Director at 5th Cell and a tour of duty at Big Fish games. Alan is no stranger to the Detonator crew as he was recruited out of Nintendo to work on the Agency "back in the day". Alan is a master of 2D Flash illustration with a strong graphic vibe.


Eric Anderson



Eric's been with Detonator for about 2 years now, rocking on Client, AI, and Gameplay Systems for Viking Raiders. He's also worked on some of our other super-secret projects.


David Fung

Senior Game Designer


We first started working with Dave 10 years ago at Microsoft. We also made a point of extracting him out of Crystal Dynamics, where he'd just shipped a Tomb Raider title, to work on The Agency. Dave joined Detonator a little over a year ago and we're honestly very luck to have him!


Jeffery Newcomb

Animator / FX Artist


Jeff is really gifted animator with a passion for hand-drawn keyframes. He's just as comfortable with 3D as 2D, but I love the style of his hand-drawn keys and special FX.


Dave Rezoski

Senior Programmer


Dave is a veteran programmer with strong management and web development skills. In his year plus at Detonator, he's touched everything from UI to Analytics to Build Systems.


Kyle Schwaneke



Kyle comes to us from Disney Interactive with a real passion for games. He's worked mostly on tools and UI for Viking Raiders, though you're welcome to ask him about his spline-based rendering engine.


Tatsuang Tantakosol, aka "Tan"



Tan is a hard-working, super talented artist who is as comfortable with highly stylized 2D art as she is with high-end 3D art. She's responsible for much of the beautiful background art in Viking Raiders plus a lot of other work we can't quite share just yet.


Claire Yoshinaga



Claire has a strong eye for graphic design, which she has been able to use on a variety of projects ... including this website.


Tricia Cunningham



Another intern turned employee, Tricia is a strong and versatile artist with a can-do attitude. She's equally comfortable in Flash or Unity ... as a modeller, animator, or UI artist! Hands off, she's working for us now.